Ben’s Story
If you have ever wondered what it is we do / set out to achieve at Woodshed Workshop there is no better example than a young lad we work with, Ben.  Ben first started with us age 14 having struggled in main stream education for a number of years.  School can be difficult for many reasons for young people; disengaging from teachers and their peer groups can lead young people to feel isolated and alone.  For some young people a traditional educational approach is not ideal and they, like Ben, struggle to achieve their full potential.  
Experiencing a real mix of characters, Ben has worked alongside those with a variety of skills and experience from joiners and sparkies to builders and veterans.  Ben has been with us for nearly three years and has developed a great range of skills.  He is a happy and confident young man with skills which are really refined and developed. It has been a real pleasure watching this development which has culminated recently into the production of a brilliant solid oak cabinet which shows real understanding and finesse of the craft of woodwork.  So how was this done? Simple, we strived to set up our project, which gave Ben an opportunity, he took it, worked hard and with support has come as far as he has. Brilliant!  

Woodshed Workshop is a social enterprise not for profit organisation. It’s hard to survive in this current climate, if you would like to support us to continue to be there for young people and anyone in need of an opportunity consider us for your wood product needs all of our profit goes back in to the enterprise and helps young people, veterans, people with physical/ mental support needs and the long-term unemployed.  Find out more

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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